Vision statement: To bring healing and transformation to individuals, families and the community through a local church-based counselling ministry in a non-threatening, affordable and confidential environment.


The Ruach Counselling Centre now has 6 dedicated counsellors and we operate Monday to Friday all day. We have recently opened satellite offices in Strand, Rusthof and Macassar for those who are unable to travel to our rooms. Consultations are by appointment and we ask for a donation.

Please feel free to contact Pinky Pitolo at 021 852 8176 or 078 796 1272 or

The Ruach Counselling Centre offers various services:

The Centre is registered with NCCDM (National Christian Counselling Development Ministry), which is a counselling organization at Bryanston Methodist Church. The ministry is run by Rev Dr Leon Klein, an ordained minister and a clinical psychologist who had his own practice. Their purpose is to plant counselling centres all around South Africa, making assistance to the people of this country both available and affordable.

We are also registered with SAAP (South African Association for Pastoral Work), ACCinSA (Association of Christian Counselling) and we are members of the Connect Network. Referrals come from many of the welfare organisations and NGO’s in the community, as well as people who contact us of their own accord.

If you, or someone you know is troubling the mind, please give us a call. We would love to be of service to you. No problem is too large or too small to receive help. To date we have covered many areas of counselling: From marriage and relationships, addictions, various forms of abuse, divorce and its effects on all members of the family, peer pressure, depression, decision making, HIV/Aids, bereavement, chronic illness and caregiving.