Youth and children’s pastor: Reza-Astrid  021 852 5303 or 076 570 9575

What's On?


Grades 1 – 7 Friday 18:00 – 19:30
Building Relationships in Christ. Much easier to say. This is our Junior Friday night program and it is for grades 1 – 7. This is run by teenagers and is a huge amount of fun from songs with crazy actions to food competitions and many games. Sometimes even messy nights!


Grades 8 – 12 Friday 19:30 – 21:30
Christians Reaching Adulthood & Striving Heavenbound. Yes it is a mouthful, luckily we have the acronym. This is our Friday night youth program and is open to everyone grade 8 – 12. This involves many different activities with worship evenings, travelling suppers, movie nights and more. Lots of fun times and relationship building.


Grades 8+ Sunday 09:30 Service
This is our Sunday morning main teaching time with the teenagers, this is during our 9:30 service. We start with a combined worship time with the entire church and then move off to our own teaching time. This is where we discuss anything and everything. We have a lesson time and this can include videos, songs, prayers or activities and all aimed at the teenager group. We sometimes discuss things that they may have questions about and they may or may not have anything to with the topic for the day. It’s a place of confidentiality and what is said there stays there.


Grades 1 – 7 Sunday 09:30 Service
This is the same thing as Souled Out, but is aimed at the Grade 1 – 7’s. We will be doing Godly Play three weeks and small group on Communion Sunday. Here they split into their different age groups and have teachings aimed at their age level. Whether that is colouring in pages with a short lesson or fancy scientific experiments with a message behind it.


Sunday Evenings
Confirmation is a yearlong course that is run on a Sunday evening, and it is for grade 10 to 12 but young adults can also join. This is a course aimed at delving into the tougher topics of the Bible and Christianity and getting the young people ready to make the decision to follow God and become a member of the bigger body of Christ. It is a 2 part process with Youth Alpha starting us off and then going into the confirmation.


Teenager Band Friday Afternoon 15:00-16:30


Children Band Friday Afternoon 16:30 – 18:00
Our youth and children are extremely talented and some have been given the gift of music. Whether you know how to play an instrument or just learning, whether you’re a bit nervous to sing or you’d gladly do a solo, we would love to see you get involved in the band.